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Saturday, November 05, 2005

The week in review - Patriots

Wow, I didn't have much time this week to write -- at least not for leisure. But it was a great week. We actually stayed home last night and tried to catch up on some missed television shows. This morning, I got up early and watched E.R. and Grey's Anatomy.

If you didn't see this week's episode (actually last Sunday's episode) of Grey's Anatomy -- you should. Since I was in the living room alone and everyone else is asleep, I watched and blubbered through most of it. It was a good show. I know -- guys don't undertand that. But my guess is that this show will make them cry too. Watch it.

But I had enough of television when I flipped over to "But Can they Sing?" Think American Idol with celebrities. I watched as Morgan Fairchild "sang" Nancy Sinatra's "These boots were made for walking". Not good. Antonio Sabata Jr. sang "I'll be watching you." Painful. But the final straw was some psuedo-celeb Bai Ling singing -- and I uses this term loosely -- Madonna's "Like a Virgin." I shut the television off.

The best part of this week was attending the Oklahoma Military Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony -- yes, that was even better than Thursday's event at the Petroleum Club, even though I love that view. Sis-in-law's father was one of the inductees.

It was an honor to be there. Among the inductees were silver star recipients, purple heart recipients, Distinguished Service Cross recipients, the Bronze Star recipients. Most had a multitude of awards for heroic service.

Souls of warriors, hearts of patriots. It was an honor to share the night with them.

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