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Saturday, November 19, 2005

Saturday Sports

I'm trying to gear up for the show, so this will be my weekly Saturday routine:

Football - I've unofficially become an Indianapolis Colts fan this year. Not because I like the Colts necessarily, but because I simply like to see records broken. The Bears couldn't do it in the 80s, so maybe Indianapolis will be able to match the Dolphins 1972 undefeated season. Sunday, 4 p.m. CBS against the Bengals.
T.O. might be back on the team that doesn't want him. Owens' appeal is pending and if it goes his way he'll be at the very least on Philadelphia Eagles' sidelines before long.

Basketball - In Flip Saunders' first season with the Detroit Pistons, the team has improved to 8-0 for the first time since 1988-89 -- the season it won the first of back-to-back NBA titles -- with a 78-70 victory in Houston on Friday night. On the Oklahoma/New Orleans front - the Hornet recorded a win 95-92 over Atlanta.

College Basketball - Same powerhouses on tap to get to the Final Four this year. I bemoan the fact that Mizzou is not among those anymore. Quin Snyder -- as much as I like your voice and your cute wavy hair, maybe it's time to send you back to Duke for some tutoring. I think Snyder lost control of the team two years ago, and he's never gotten control or respect back.

Women in sports: (V-ball)Shellane Ogoshi, a sophomore setter at Hoftstra, had 61 assists and 25 digs against William and Mary, and 60 assists and 19 digs aginst Virginia Commonwealth -- both team wins. Wonder Woman in disguise?

(Track and Field) Angela Homan, a senior at Auburn became the second femal athlete to win the Southeastern Conference Championships individual title three times. She won the 6K race in 19:40 - a career best. It was her 10th career victory.

(Golf) Emma Lavy, a freshman at Fayetteville High School won the Arkansas Women's Gofl Association High School Overall Champtionship at the Harbor Oaks Golf Club, Oct. 11.

Fast Lane: Women swimmers established seven new records at University of North Dakota meet this week, five of them in the preliminaries on Friday night. Dagne Knutson set records in 200 IM, 2:05.73, and 100 fly 57.18.
Kelsey Schoonhoven won the 100 freewith a 51.52 and the 100 back in meet record style, 56.72.
Hannah Whitehead, a sophomore from Grand Forks Central, was the only double winner taking the 500 free in a 4:59.76, just short of her state mark set the day before, 4:58.49, and the 200 free in a 1:50.09 and a new state record.
Sprinter Carissa Gormally won the 50 free with a 24.08 just one one-hundredth off her Friday state mark of 24.07. Gormally swam a 23.87 at her conference meet a few weeks earlier, racing to one of the fastest 50 frees ever recorded in North Dakota for a high school girl. Ashley Reiter was the final event winner in the 100 breast with a 1:07.67

Athlete of the Week: Kim Jenny: She prefers to be called "Alley Oop." The 5'2" athlete keeps up with the best in skateboarding and is quickly becoming an icon on the streets of Santa Barbara and Pasadena. It might still be a while before Nike figures out that women actually do skate, so you're not going to find Jenny on the mainstream tube. But fans can catch her outlaw techniques on the Internet -- a tool that's doing as much to push that sport into the mainstream as the X games.

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