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Wednesday, November 16, 2005

The view in my mirror

OK - this is not a pity party. I think it's more like I've been hit with reality and need to deal with it. Talk (or blog) about it and then take action.

I started out the day feeling pretty good about myself. I've done a lot of great work this week and am prepared for a big meeting tomorrow. Then, I get THE CALL.

"Hi, are you ready for the meeting?"


"Well, I'm wearing...." and then the caller in a very subtle, "I think I'm being insulted way" inquired what I would be wearing.

Welcome to P.R. it's all about the looks.

So, I'll be the first to admit that I avoid mirrors as much as possible. I know I've gotten fat -- obese -- out of shape. Whatever you want to call it. That's me. I'll take the blame.

So, I had been toying with getting in shape. But as usual, I need a deadline and a reason besides the medical "it's not healthy" spill. Heck, drinking soda and wearing heels isn't healthy either but I'm not going to stop that. Well, maybe...

Anyway, here's my idea for reshaping me, and maybe doing something to feel good spiritually. It's actually something I've been wanting to do for at least two years.

I'm going to start training -- TODAY -- for the Oklahoma City Memorial Marathon. I want to do this in honor of the many journalists from all over the world including the United States who have died in Iraq and Afghanistan. So I'm inviting my journalist buds -- yes, those of you who live in Iowa, New York, St. Louis, Springfield, etc. -- to join me. Train at home, then come here in April and run/walk/crawl the marathon with me.

Who's game? Gotta hear from you, and yes, I'll be sending you an entry form.


Gina said...

Which race are you trying for? I see from the Web site that there are several. I can tell you right now that I can't handle 26.2 miles.

Can't make any promises yet...just putting out feelers.

CISSY said...

I'm shooting for the 26.2 -- remember we used to be avid runners, so I've done it before. How about the half-marathon? Just a little over 13 miles. We can also do it in teams, with one person doing part of the race. I walked three miles this morning, and plan to all week. Then, I'm moving to four miles. I am going to find a trainer though -- but that's because I'm in such bad shape. As much as you walk in NYC, I think you are underestimating what you can do. The goal is to finish, not win the race :)

Gina said...

I don't want to win the race. I want to survive it! I've never been a runner, and I just know I don't have what it takes to do a Boston-qualifying event. I have to start smaller than that. The half might be OK. But I'd end up walking most of it because I have a bum left knee from a skiing accident a few years ago.

But I'll give it some serious thought. Who else is with me?

Sherrie said...

Greg would die rather than run.

I'm banned from it. I ran distance for years (5 & 10Ks), and my knees are crap. My docs have specifically told me not to if I don't want knee-replacement surgery sooner rather than later. So I Rollerblade instead.

But I can tell you that prepping for a marathon in such short time might be pushing more on your body than it is ready for.

Work slowly. Add miles each month, but a more realistic goal might be a 10K.

Don't want to put a damper on your effort. But I also wouldn't wish creaky knees that will need replacement in my 40s on anyone. Trust me, no fun. :)

~Lil Nance ;> said...

Ok, I live in OK... and I'm not a journalist... but I would defiantely consider it! I need to quit smoking, so this would be a good reason to do that!! Hmmm... I have till April to train right?? Let me see if I can find a trainer and I will get back with you!!

CISSY said...

OK, we can shoot for the half-marathon, and walk it. The race has lots of walkers, so we won't be alone.

I think even my decrepit old knees can handle that :)

Last year there were more than 100 people older than 60 who ran the marathon. Geez, to be so young...