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Saturday, July 01, 2006

Road trip

On the road this weekend, some observances:

1. Slow drivers like to drive in the fast lane. I think it's entertainment watching the guy behind them turn red and figure out creative ways to get around them -- on the right side.

2. Truck stop's have come a long way. They have "Theater rooms" with wide-screen plasma t.v.s, email stations and expresso machines.

3. Gas is damn expensive -- but that doesn't stop people from driving. We saw one guy in a huge pick-up, pulling a fifth wheel trailer and a boat. Another guy had those little three-wheelers in the back of his huge truck and he was pulling a boat. They must make more money than I do, I can't afford that kind of gas. Or maybe I'm just cheap.

4. No matter how many times you see them, buggys are out of place in today's modern world.

5. Every town has a claim to fame -- so far we've seen, the "catfish" capitol of the world, the "tulip" capitol, the "crappie" capitol and so on.


LilRed said...

I would gladly repeat the "road trip" I just took through Europe. :-)

Redneck Diva said...

What? You didn't hit the Native American Gaming Establishment Capitol of Oklahoma? We have 10 all within about 25 miles!

CISSY said...

Lilred: Yeah, I would have loved your road trip too.

Diva: I've never been in a Casino -- not one that was open. I went on a tour once when I was a reporter and they were opening one up and I was writing a story. I think I'd be a little scared. And, then there's the cheap thing. I can't spend money on nothing. Yes, I know it's entertainment. But heck, I can pay a buck for a movie and be there for two hours. I don't think a buck would last me that long at the casinos. And, did I mention I was raised Southern Baptist.