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Friday, July 14, 2006

Round up

So many topics, so little time to blog. Here's a round-up of thoughts and questions that have crossed my mind this week:

1. When did the Chinese start making British cars? (google: MG & Ardmore if you're curious.)

2. Is it just me or is Jay Leno annoying as hell?

3. I think it might be time to change directions on the blog, maybe write more serious editorials. Maybe.

4. The Atlanta Braves are having a bad year. Hee hee hee hee.

5. I need 30 hour days to get everything done. Can someone please slow the earth down? Wait. Maybe I should research what would happen first.

6. Did anyone else think the animated movie 'Cars' was a little slow and boring through a big chunk of it.

7. Net Flix sucks this week. We order "Five people you meet in heaven" and got the unrated version of "Grandma's boy." I might watch it, but David Spade makes me feel like retching.

8. Is it wrong to feel a little twinge of annoyance, jealousy, insecurity when a regular on your blog that you regularly read doesn't link your blog?

9. In three weeks I'm going to see a friend that I last saw 50 pounds and 25 years ago. Hope she recognizes me.

10. My sports talk podcast is at a standstill because I can't find a co-host -- not one that will COMMIT to the project. So any female sports fans -- don't have to know a lot about sports, just enough who are interested, let me know. I have technology to do this over the phone. I'm really bummed about that.

1 comment:

Sherrie said...

I can, as long as we set up a consistent date/time for it! (the podcast thing).

Don't fret about the links. I hardly ever have the time to edit mine, so they are almost always woefully out of date.