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Saturday, July 15, 2006


You know I've never had a lot of "girlfriends" in my life. E. was my friend - senior year in high school in Montana. We hung out and did a whole lot together. Went to the prom with our dates together, and through the years we've stayed in touch here and there.

Due to her former husband's assinine behavior last year (younger woman - idiot) she didn't make it to the major reunion -- ok, 30th -- so I didn't go either. Now hubby and I are driving to her home in Minnesota in August. I'm excited and nervous. I mean, what if she doesn't like me anymore?

People not liking me -- particularly women friends -- always worries me. I guess that stems from really not having close friends in high school until my senior year. I did have a guy friend, but no girlfriends until E.

I have friends now that I wish I could talk to more often, but you know how you get the feeling that maybe they don't like you as much as you like them? I call, they don't call back. But really, not self pity (ok, maybe a little) I'm moving on and cultivating friendships that I sometimes get to busy to pay attention to myself.

I'm looking forward to this visit with E.


V-Grrrl said...

I'm blessed with lots of friends in the States. Some go all the way back to middle school.

Here in Belgium, it's been harder for me. Most of the American women I know here are military wives. They're bright, energetic women who channel all their energy into massive volunteer projects and numerous clubs, organizations, etc. They manage to reproduce "American life" in the middle of Europe. But I'm not into that whole women's club scene. That's not me. So I'm a perpetual outsider and often find myself wondering if people think I'm weird for going my own way rather than running herd with the gals.

Sherrie said...

We love ya!

You need someone to hang with, drive over for a weekend. I keep a well-stocked wine cellar.

I've always had women friends. But I tend to gravitate to the ones who are anti-Junior League types (though I have a few of the JL types, too).

I couldn't live without them.

CISSY said...

V-grrrl: I never fit into the military wife mold when hubby was in the USAF. I was always the outsider, worked, didn't have time for all the clubs, organizations, since I had three kids and I was den mother, brownie leader, cheerleading coach etc. etc.

Sherrie: Sounds like a plan. I love you guys too!