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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Rangers -- and we ain't talking Texas

I have an addiction. It's my friend, S's, fault. She got me hooked in February. Friends and family know about this addiction, but I try not to talk about it or let people know about it because I don't want them to think me less intelligent, less serious, less professional.

My addiction? Janet Evanovich's "Stephanie Plum" series. I read the first book, "One for the Money," and moved on to "Two for the Dough." and so on. Yes, the titles are cheesy. Yes, the plots are similar and predictable and I usually know "who done it" before I reach the end of the book. Still I come back.

The reason? Two characters -- One called Ranger -- a hot, mysterious, Latin bounty hunter/former Special Forces guy that makes me drool. And, Joe Morelli -- a hot cop, now a good guy with just enough of a twinge of "bad boy" in him to make me drool too. They both seem to want the main character. Every woman's fantasy.

So I read -- devour this books -- share anecdotes with friends and on my lunch hour at work, plop a big non-fiction on the table that I'm slowly working my way through. Can't possibly let people know I read "gasp" romantic mysteries.

And, I reason with myself -- It's not like it's a Harlequin romance novel. There's no long-haired freaky guy on the cover.

I'm addicted and getting ready to read book No. 12 - the latest in the series. Evanovich better start cranking. She's going to have a bunch of drooling women, jones-ing for a Ranger fix.


love the whitmer trio said...

OOOH I am so addicted to those books. I started book 4 on Saturday and am now on book 7. I just can't put it down! And the hardback books from the library don't give you the sneak peak like the paperback ones do and she always leaves you hanging. I just have to grab the next book and look and see what was going on. I cheated though and read the first chapter of 12, and now that is all I can think about. Ever heard that phrase, you should listen to your mother? hehe guess I should have! thanks for the addiction though!

Redneck Diva said...

All this talk of Stephanie Plum and I'm thinking now I need to check them out! One of my friends says they are simply addictive!

CISSY said...

This books ARE addictive, and No. 12 -- omigod!