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Monday, July 17, 2006


I wasn't going to blog about this, but what the heck, it's time to make a break. So the "friend" mentioned a couple of post ago shows up unannounced on Sunday after with kids in tow. We don't mind when friends show up unannounced, but there's stages of friendship -- don't you think? Some friends, absolutely fine that they stop by anytime they want, open your refrigerator, grab a glass out of the cabinet etc.

This is not one of those friends. So after we plop the kids in front of my t.v. and we're visiting over drinks, she states her reason for being here. "I just thought you should know, your grandson hit my J. when we were here last week."

I apologize, little J. hears us talking, comes in and offers his two cents, "Yeah, he hit me coz of that stupid cat."

Excuse me?

Apparently, grandson defending the cat, hit the boy because J. was hitting my cat with a toy rake because the cat was hissing at him.

Now, the past week we've been worried about our cat who has been hiding from all of us and has had to be coaxed into the same room with people. Our cat has always been very social, so we knew something was up and had scheduled a vet appointment for later this week.

This sort of exlained things.

After this woman says nothing to her son for admitting to hitting my cat, she continues to tell me how we need to discipline my grandson.

I asked her to leave. I simply had had enough. There are some people who aren't worth the effort of trying to be nice to, she's one of them. We've never had too much in common, met through mutual friends and for some reason she decided that we were "best friends" lately. I was trying really hard because honestly many of our friends are younger than we are, and this woman is my age. Our husbands get along great, and if hubby decides to continue that friendship, that's great -- it just won't include couple-socializing.

Was I wrong? I just always go by the old adage that you can't let people walk all over you. This woman's kid hurt my cat. And, she's dissing my grandson, whom I think is perfect (ok, not really, but give me break, I'm a grandma.)

There, I feel better. Chapter closed. Thanks for listening.


wordgirl said...

People like your friend can dish it out but they can't take it. They come through the door like a battleship prepped for war...all righteous-feeling and sure of victory. Any half-brain who is around kids for any time at all knows to follow any accusation a kid makes with another question about any provoking behavior they might have exhibited. This woman didn't do that, and when faced with the information that her son was somehow complicit...she chose the low road.

Your grandson was defending an innocent animal and, perhaps lacking the ability to reason with this woman's son, struck him. wasn't right, but it was done in desperation. This woman has no shame and you are well rid of her.

Sherrie said...

Nope. You were totally justified.

I've cut a friend before, because she was just convinced that my kids were horrors. Well, just because she was lucky enough to get two little girls who play dolls all the time doesn't mean my son is evil. He's just more active than they are.

Good for you for sticking up for grandson. And shame on her for not admitting that dear son could have done anything wrong, even when confronted with evidence from said babe's mouth.

Your poor cat, btw.

Gina said...

Life is too short for stuff like that. That woman no longer deserves your time and energy, if indeed she ever did. You did the right thing.

V-Grrrl said...

Your grandson hit her son last week and she brings it up NOW?

Oh get real!

The great thing about being over 40 is that I am SO not into making nice with people I don't even like in the first place.

Hope your cat is OK. Glad there will be one less uninvited visitor at your back door.

CISSY said...

Thanks all for the kind words. I certainly feel that I did the right thing. And, thanks for the good kitty thoughts. Marley's doing better, in fact she was at the door to greet us tonight and was complaining quite loudly about being left alone all evening, so I think she's definitely on the mend.

LilRed said...

First of all - props to your grandson for defending the cat. I get so tired of people who do not teach their children how to respect animals.

Second - props to you for kicking her uninvited ass out the door.

Redneck Diva said...

Goooooooooooooooooooo Cissy!! You don't need that, dear. Your grandson sounds wonderful, I'm sure your cat is wonderful and you are definitely wonderful, so 'nuff said!