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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

It's the fat girl's fault

If you listen to doctors, or the news these days you'll learn that obesity causes any number of ailments from heart attacks to cancer to probably the war in Iraq. That's right, you heard it here first. Obesity is at fault for every disease and every bad thing in America and the world.

Now I don't want to call anyone names, but could it be that doctors are tired of trying to appease everyone with the reason for cancer, so it's easy to point at fat people? Don't fat people have enough to deal with what with Leno's jokes about Anna Nicole Smith -- no longer fat, Star Jones -- no longer fat, Kirstie Alley -- no longer fat...? Nope, now we have to deal with the world's problems.

And let's face it, fat women have even a harder time. First let's look at the male expectations: you have a fat, flabby, not-too-attractive male lead (Jack Black) being disgusted over a fat out-of-shape woman, who happens to be smart, beautiful and RICH. You would never see a fat out of shape Jennifer Lopez getting some hot guy in the end would you? Heck, if J-Lo got out of shape, she'd be out-of-sight. So, yes, standards for looks are different. Leno and others of his ilk rarely take on any chubby men -- Roseann Barr -- open warfare, her lying cheating flabby ex -- the darling of talk show hosts. Yep. That's fair.

I doubt men have any idea how many times women see some guy's pasty white belly and want to yell, "Hey, fat ass, keep your shirt on." But do we? No. But let some less than perfect woman decide to wear a bikini in public and it's open season with the insults.

Yes. I'm tired of hauling my fat backside to the gym every day, eating a damn salad for lunch and hearing some jerk on the news tell me that it's my fault the world is leaning to one side.

I have an issue with my weight. That's why I'm at the gym everyday. Yes, I should have done something about this a long time ago, but it's my problem. Don't tell me that "fat people use more sick days." Don't charge me more for my insurance. My last job I didn't use a sick day for two years. And, my blood pressure and cholestorel levels are lower than a lot of skinny people's. So don't generalize.

Dang, I feel better -- 10 pounds lighter in fact. I think this "I'm not taking any more b.s." diet works.


Gina said...

Hear, hear!! .

Kim R. said...

Amen, sister!

Anonymous said...


Some of the most stressed out people I know, and the ones that always have a "crisis" they have to use sick days for are skinny.

So there.

C (of C&B)

Redneck Diva said...

I think I love you.