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Sunday, June 25, 2006

Sunday mornings

I woke up at 4:15 a.m. worrying about "things" like my children, my finances, my job, my husband's job -- all those things that really will be ok.

I'll blame the finances stuff on the news reports this week of what CEOs make. Hearing what they make financially, sort of makes you feel like a loser, unless you happen to be in the same category. Then, there's the call from the mother, who goes on to talk about this cousin, this sister and how they earn more than the CEOs. Thanks Mom.

Now earning wouldn't be such a big deal, except we're having our mid-life crisis. We, being the hubby and I. Retirement is looming.

Hubby is entirely unhappy in his job, which pays him a mere pittance. It's time to move on, actually it was time a year ago when a promised promotion and new job never materialized.

I decided it was time to find new employment for certain this week, when my boss was spouting off about the person who had one of the accounts before I did. She said, "this is nothing more than being a glorified press release writer." Well. Since that was definitely not at the top of my list of career choices, it's time to move on. Now every time I write anything at work, that's what I think about. I've lost my motivation.

Which brings us to the daughter. We FEEL obligated to live here now since she moved up from Texas. Is that crazy? Yes. It's crazy. She's married and grown for goodness sake!

And then the question arises of WHERE we want to move. I vote for Texas. Dallas, Fort Worth, Austin. Hubby votes for the midwest, Pacific Northwest, or the other big city in Oklahoma. Then I vote for a beach, complete with little umbrellas in drinks. Don't know what I'd do for a living there, but hey.

So I'm up at now, 5:30 a.m. wondering if I'll be able to stay awake in church. Chances are that's when I'll get sleepy.


Anonymous said...

ooh, oooh, ooh, go do pr for a resort in the bahamas. All of your friends would glady come visit! then again if you move to the Pacific Northwest, we'd actually be more likely to visit our own family....:-)

Moving doesn't mean you have to be that far away. My dad always said that pretty much no matter where in the world the kids live, he's no more than 24-hours a way. with planes and such it's true...for major cities and civilized countries anyway. If you're up for an adventure, check out the universities in Abu Dhabi. They pay really well....and like I said, it would be an adventure! Get your master's in England! Spend time teaching English, or doing North American PR for a company in Asia. You speak a bajillion languages and you're adaptable. Maybe it's the number of choices you actually have that's so scary?

Gina said...

I agree wholeheartedly with the previous comment. Have an adventure! The kids are grown and doing fine, and there's no law saying you have to be within driving distance.

My folks live where they please, and so do my brother and I. It works beautifully.

Sherrie said...

We're in the same place. Have been for a while. We have a short list of places to go.

I keep pitching moving to Grand Cayman for a few years, but you know who won't go for it. :)

CISSY said...

All great words of advice. I'm applying. As Kinky says, "Why the Hell not?"

Anonymous said...

hey don't worry mom we will move with you if you move to the beach! hahaha

Redneck Diva said...

Miami has lots of casinos...and me!!