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Saturday, January 21, 2006

Watering the lawn and other conspiracies

We've been watering the lawn again today in mid-January. But we don't want everything out there to die and we certainly aren't getting any rain or snow this year. Global warming?

Or is it a conspiracy by all the utility companies. Think about it. Gas is high, so we look for alternative heating sources - electric. Our gas bill is still high, heck I know some folks who just have a gas water heater and their bill was as high as ours. So we use the electric alternatives to "help out" and all we get is a high electric bill combined with the high gas bill. Now we have to water our plants due to the dry weather. So we get a high water bill.

Conspiracy I tell you.


Babs said...

I hear ya! I just received our gas bill today. I've been too cold to be paying that much.

wordgirl said...

It IS a conspiracy. Gas, electric, water! When it finally rains around here, I'll be surprised if we don't get billed for precipitation! I blame our governmnent.

CISSY said...

Babs -- We were still freezing until we bought the electric heaters. Now we're warm with high electric bills. Sigh.

Wordgirl -- I'm sure the gov is to blame somehow.