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Sunday, January 15, 2006


Due to a garage door that's on the blitz, we were forced to start cleaning out the boxes etc. still on the other side of the garage from our move here six months ago. Viola! Another box of kitchen stuff. "Wow, I forgot I had that." "I'd been looking everywhere for that..."
I really have way too many kitchen gadgets -- from cheese slicers to cookie cutters. But hey, I might need them some day.
And, maybe it was the guilt of having so many kitchen gadgets that go unused, or just because I get up earlier than anyone else and it's quiet on Sunday mornings here that I had another cooking spree this morning.
Homemade apple pie. Everything from scratch. And, I got to use another new gadget. A pie crust shield. Dandy little piece of tin that sits atop the pie to prevent the outer edges from cutting too dark. Hope it works, I think it set me back like $9.

So now the house smells wonderful. Apple pie and coffee. I even already made some chicken enchiladas with green sauce that are ready to pop in the oven later for a late lunch/early dinner. Now if only this domesticity would extend to dusting, vaccuuming, etc.

I can't be perfect, now can I?


LilRed said...

I'm gonna have to ask that the next time you cook up vittles like those, that you promptly invite me to partake. 'Cause I am no cook ... trust me.

CISSY said...

I'm not really a cook either, though I certainly like to pretend I am. The real cook in the family is hubby. But he sleeps in on Sundays.

Anonymous said...

Okay, you and your domestica diva act are totally pissing me off.....:-)

CISSY said...

Anon: Wow, i'm pissing people off I don't even know. Well, it's certainly not the first time! It's not really an act. I'm getting back to my "roots" -- I was a stay-at-home mom when my kids were little and was so bored with the whole thing (domesticity, not the kids) that I would do things like grow my own vegetables and alphabetize the pantry. Of course, I overcame all that and went back to college and started a career. But Diva...I'll have to keep that title.