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Monday, January 09, 2006

Don't call me Martha

Sunday morning I woke up with an intense domestic bug. You know the kind that makes you think you can cook?

After my shower etc, I even actually hung up my towel, before heading to the den of domesticity -- the kitchen. I pulled out the flour -- problem No. 1. I immediately realized that I had purchased self-rising, instead of regular flour. No problem, the cookbook actually accounted for that, so I could make modifications.

I had decided to make banana muffins for consumption later in the week while I made my famous homemade pancakes -- ok, it's Emeril's recipe -- but it's great.

I started the mixing and grabbed for the eggs -- problem No. 2 -- the eggs were expired. Purchased during my Christmas baking frenzy, the remaining chicken embroyos hadn't been used. So, I had to stop and run to the grocery store.

Once back, I continued my cooking, turning on the stove -- my husband says I don't know any other temp other than high. This morning I agreed with him since the pancake batter started smoking and smelling burnt as soon as I put it on the griddle.

Sometime during my cooking frenzy, I had decided I could multi-task so I put some tea on to brew for iced tea. I forgot. Have you ever seen tea bags disintegrate -- well, they did while I was at the store.

Despite the mishaps, I think my domestic moment turned out fairly well. Expensive butter-enhanced maple syrup covers the burnt taste on pancakes pretty well. The family was so impressed by the smell of homemade muffins that they didn't notice the smell of burning tea.

I'm back to myself today, and am looking seriously at some frozen lasagna for dinner...


Babs said...

Lol. At least the house smelled good:) How did the muffins turn out? I hope you had evidence of your cooking frenzy to take you through the week.

Ceres said...

I think I caught the same bug. I have been cooking for the last two days and I think the last time I had the urge was six months ago.

CISSY said...

Babs -- The muffins were good. We munched on the last of them this morning.

Ceres - I always cook something "fancy" when we have friends over, but for some reason this week I'm all about cooking. I wonder if there's a pill I can take for that?

Shrinking Violet said...

Great site! I find that heating a little vanilla and water on the stove can make a house smell like a bakery. Then, I just buy some donuts and VOILA!