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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Damn, I'm human

OK, so really I KNOW that I'm not perfect. But every now and then, the reality of how human you are can smack you right in the face.

Saturday - So as not to go into a long explanation suffice it to say, we were filming a commercial for that little club I participate in every year. A whole bunch of us were running up a platform that goes into the theater where our performance will be. And, of course, this being a commercial you can't just do one take.

Bottom line. I fell. Not when we were running -- by the way, my walking and running training for April has paid off, I didn't feel winded at all -- nonetheless, I fell when I was leisurely strolling back down the ramp. Yes, it was wet. Yes, it was slippery and yes, wet leaves on wood are VERY slippery and I was talking. I fell right on my knee as my leg went back and down under me, while the other leg went straight out in front. Not pretty. I was embarassed, jumped up and kept running and walking and hopping as the director told us to for at least the next hour and a half.

Then I sat down. Getting back up, the pain shot through me and I finally had to admit that I was hurt.

It's embarassing. Some of the folks in the group are way older (60+) and THEY didn't fall. They weren't the walking wounded the following day.

So, now I have a severely sprained knee, have to wear a brace, and use a cane for walking long distances. The brace and cane came yesterday, when I finally had to admit that yes, I was really in a great deal of pain -- a definite "10" on the smiley face scale when I try to walk normally. I'm quite annoyed at my body and myself right now. I just don't have time for this.


Anonymous said...

Now you get out of wearing a mini-skirt on stage...maybe :-)

DebbieDoesLife said...

That sucks and is embarassing. Sounds just like something I would do.

CISSY said...

Anon - I bought a black brace so it would match.

DDL - You're always afraid someone's going to have a camera when you do something stupid like that and the next thing you know you're on one of those horrid "funniest" video shows. wait, was the camera rolling? Dang.

Redneck Diva said...

Oh no!! I fall all the dang time and it never gets any less embarrassing. Plus, the older I get the worse the bruises and the soreness are afterwards.

Recover soon and completely!