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Friday, January 13, 2006

Loaded mind

Maybe it's a dangerous thing:

Hitting the jackpot -- Oklahoma's first week in Powerball. I bought a ticket (and if it loses, I'll mail it to State Rep. Randy Terrill) $79 million. I'd pay off bills, student loans, home, buy each kid (and spouses) a car and a house, pay off student loans or pay for school. Save the rest. Oh, well. I might give some to charity and I would buy my parents a house. Maybe take a trip.

Having young friends -- A couple we are friends with like to tease us about how young they are as compared to us. They like to tell the story about how they were treating us to dinner out one night, and the waiter kept asking hubby and I about stuff and gave us the bill. They think it makes us mad. It doesn't really. Well, not at them. It is funny, but in a way freaks us out that the waiter would think we LOOKED old enough to have a 35-year old child. We'll just use the excuse that our friends look really young -- cause surely we don't look that old. It's weird, we realized this week that we've never had friends OUR age, except for the few far-away high school friends whom we still keep in touch with. All our friends our either way older or way younger. The closest to our age is P of S&P fame, he's only 3 to 5 years younger. Does age really matter in friendship as long as you enjoy doing the same things? Well, to an extent. Our friends are all different -- from artists to accountants. We like our friends, even if they tease us about being old.

WorkThe Seattle Times still hasn't called. Sigh...

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We love you to....smoochie, smoochie, smooches!~