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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Reality T.V. and the best movies

American Idol is back. We can all laugh at people who remind us of ourselves, and feel a little of their pain when they don't do well. My husband leaves the room if he can tell someone, who thinks they are really good is going to bomb. He says it makes him sad. We've all been there. I don't know why the judges don't say stuff like..."Maybe if you took some voice lessons and learned how to control your voice..." But I guess that doesn't make for good reality t.v. And Simon's comment last night about getting a bigger stage...maybe it's for his big head. Good or bad, I'm an addict. I think we need a club to kick the habit. RTV - A.

OK - I'll admit I haven't seen Brokeback Mountain yet, but I probably will this week sometime so I might adjust this as we get closer to the Academy Awards. But here's my list.

Best Picture: Hustle and Flow
Best Actor: Terrence Howard for Hustle and Flow and Russell Crowe for Cinderella Man
Best Actress: Felicity Huffman (Hey, I've loved her ever since she was on "Sports Night."
Best Kid Movie: Zathura

The rest of my best movies of the year list:
The Constant Gardener
North Country
Cinderella Man

Worst Movies of the Year:
The Weatherman

And last but not least my nomination for movie with the best funeral scene:


wordgirl said...

I'll have to actually SEE A MOVIE before I can weigh in with an opinion. I feel so empty.

Anonymous said...

We hardly ever see new movies, but we did see Brokeback mountain and it was a VERY good movie. Simple, really simple, love story...,which often makes for a strong image. And it stays with you after you leave the theater. You should definitely try to go see it, even if you do have to pay for it.
Your YOUNG friend....hehe.