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Friday, January 06, 2006

Local pettiness

I usually listen to the local Jack and Ron Show on KYIS-FM in the mornings as I drive to work etc. This week, I've turned them off twice.

Tuesday, "Jack" in his mocking tone kept talking about Dick Clark's appearance on New Year's eve, and kept playing the worst sound bytes he could find that made Clark look bad. He did the same today during his bad Regis Philbin impersonation.

Really, are these guys so bitter about never making it the "big time" -- aka national arena themselves -- that it is necessary to take someone's illness or tragedy to make yourself feel better? Apparently so.

I like to stick to local talk instead of the syndicated "Bob and Tom" type stuff, so anyone got a better suggestion for morning radio?


Anonymous said...

Xm radio, I ignore all the local idiots, Jack and Ron, the Sports Animal ect.

Gina said...

Does your NPR station not have local programming? I find NPR to be the most palatable talk just about any time of day, and the local shows are the icing on the cake.

wordgirl said...

Same here. Our local NPR station (D/FW) is fantastic. I'd love to get XM radio, as well. I avoid AM radio at all costs, since the talk is all hate-based/right wing propaganda.

CISSY said...

I'll give that I try. While i like the news on NPR, in the mornings, I like a little more oomph...if you listen carefully everyone on NPR sounds exactly the same.