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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Daily observations

Every day a mom and dad and a little boy walk by my house. They are usually carrying a bag of groceries each. The little boy runs to keep up and the bag he's carrying drags the ground. I would imagine he doesn't get to carry the eggs.

A man was sitting on the temporary retaining wall near the entrance to our neighborhood market. He called out to those walking into the store. A well-dressed man, shakes his head and rushes by. Another man and his wife walks by, he tells the man in Spanish that he doesn't have any change. He doesn't look like a rich man, but on the way out of the store, he stops and gives the beggar some money.

As I wait in front of the school of medicine for a friend to pick me up for lunch, I see a lone green jack -- the kind we used to play as kids -- sitting on the sidewalk. I wonder how it got there. Did some little girl sit near there playing jacks, waiting for a parent and lose it? Was it a diversion for some medical student stressed out about finals?

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