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Monday, May 22, 2006

Weighty things

The gym has become like a second home lately. It's not that hard to get into a routine. Hubby and I see the same faces on a regular basis. We run into people we know from lawmakers, lobbyists to some of the accountants from my husband's office. Retired people and young people all work out on the weight machines, cycles or treadmills etc. Most of us are absorbed in our own world choosing headphones or books to stop conversation.

At the other end of the gym are the free weights. That area is almost always nearly empty when we're there. Occasionally, we'll hear the familiar grunts signaling that the "serious" body builders are in the house. Monday one of them decided to come into "our" area. That happens every now and then. Like cattle that have strayed away from the herd, they'll come with their overgrown muscles and shove and squeeze themselves into one of the weight machines.

Then they'll proceed to make lots of noise. Grunts, mostly. They usually have another person with overgrown muscles with them. The louder the grunts, the more looks of aproval overgrown muscles person No. 2 gives.

The rest of us look over, look at one another and roll our eyes. We, of the small muscles think we're superior.

Interesting world.

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