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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Why should I care?

Sometimes it's nice "caring" about little things that in the grand scheme of our lives don't really mean anything:

Say it isn't so! But it is. Chris got the boot tonight on American Idol. I truly felt like a "dirty old lady" when he sang, so it's probably just as well. Hubby was not so keen on my (clearing of the throat here) support.

Barry Bonds -- enough already! The public has convicted this man without a trial. Where was the outrage when Big Mac admitted taking some helpful meds? And, what is this outrage based on? A book by two so-called journalists. Has anyone wondered why these journalists who supposedly had this evidence so long ago did not report it back then? Just because it's in print, does not mean it's true. Heck. Just read this blog.

Oklahoma has finally gotten rain, hallelujah, my grass is green.


Anonymous said...

The diffrence is what Mac took was legal, what Bonds took, based on Grand Jury Testimony, was illegal.
Also, Mac wasn't a jerk

DebbieDoesLife said...

The sad fact is that Mr. Bonds is hardly the only one partaking of the steroid cocktails.

CISSY said...

Debbie Does Life -- I agree. There's way too many to list, and be angry at. Makes you wonder what's pushing this? And if Babe Ruth et. al. were the players now, would they be in the center of some steriod controversy?

Anon -- Hmmm. Seems a lot of folks out there, just like in Bonds' case, say Mac did take the illegal stuff based on Congressional hearings. Also, I was present at one event in MO when Big Mac was pretty dang rude to the female lawmaker who had worked so hard to get a stretch of highway named after him. I'm a Cards' fan. And, I cheered along with everyone else when Mac was hitting. But my heroes have always been human.