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Sunday, May 14, 2006

Where have you gone?

Diva has been talking about going down memory lane this past week. So it started me thinking about people I used to know:

Carrie Brown -- Knew her from first to eighth grade in Floydada (if you have to ask...) Carrie had polio and wore braces on her legs when we were in elementary school. The last time I saw her when in high school, when I was living in a different town. It was a football game, they were the "away team" and there's Carrie. A cheerleader. That made me happy.

Jimmy Nunn -- An Abernathy boy. A Methodist. Probably my best friend in high school. I still remember the time the principal sent him home because his hair was "too long" during Junior year. Jimmy's response? He went home and shaved his head.

Sheila Sturgis -- skip forward to the senior year in Montana. We hung out a lot. I guess I should have made it to that high school reunion last year.

Rose Patterson -- Probably the reason I'm a journalist. My high school English teacher and I suspect that she's probably passed away by now. She was a great teacher.

Janet Moore -- A year older than I in high school. She was the "newspaperwoman" the rest of us wanted to be. I always wondered if she wound up working at some big city paper.

There's so many more people that somehow either knowingly or unknowingly touched my life, and sometimes they still cross my mind.


Redneck Diva said...

I guess this time of year just makes us all get a little nostalgic. I've really gotten sentimental lately! Still working on Mr. Diva and that durn alumni banquet...he's still resisting. I'm going to have to break out the bribes and possibly the promise of Monkey Bread. That usually works. :)

George Johnston said...

Cary's brother, Web, and I were best friends while growing up in Floydada, and we have just recently reconnected via Email. He said she lives in Arlington, has four kids, and teaches in a private school. Her husband teaches business administration at UT Arlington.

BTW, I don't think she had polio. The Salk and Sabin vaccines pretty much wiped that out for our generation. I do believe she had curvature of the spine and had to wear braces for that. Web had the same thing.

There was a young man about our age whose last name was Parkey who did have severe polio. I beliee he died before graduating.

Hope that answers your question.