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Saturday, April 22, 2006

That must be why they call it the blues...

Blogger pal, 'Lil Red, is in a funk his week and she posed the following questions, which I'll answer because everything that I've thought about this week that would make a good post has just left me in the wee hours of this day:

1 - What's your fave tear-jerker flick of all time?
While, I don't mind crying at movies, I don't like sad movies. So the movies that make me cry that I like are: Sleepless in Seattle, Fever Pitch (reliving a great baseball moment always makes me misty,) You've Got Mail, Never been kissed, etc. etc.

I'm a sucker for a love story with a happy ending, and I LOVE Tom Hanks and Drew Barrymore, though not necessarily together. They both make great romantic comedies.

2 - Have you ever been on an anti-depressant?

Does coffee count? No, but I did take St. John's Wort once when I was in a funk, and it helped.

3 - What do you do to relieve the periodic blues?

I used to have a ritual (when we had a turntable, somehow this doesn't work well with c.d.'s). I would drag out all these old albums (yes, we still have tons) and play ones that had significance, drink a beer, and cry. Country music especially is very good when you feel like dog love left...etc. etc. That usually made me feel better. Now, I watch a funny movie, or exercise. And sometimes blogging helps.

1 comment:

LilRed said...

Hey, gal! Thanks for playing! You'll be pleased to know that my "blue period" has passed.