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Thursday, April 13, 2006

E-mail me

I just finished setting up the email account for the podcast show a friend and I are going to start this week. I've lost track. I think that's 10 email accounts.

1. Home - my personal one that I've had for years (yahoo)
2. Home - share with hubby (yahoo) (he never checks it,has an SBC one at home in his name so I check that one daily.)
3. Freelance biz one - SBC
4. Home/Work - SBC -- I'm trying to close this one down
5. Work 1 - main one for company
6. Work 2 - one I use for client #1 (client's company network)
7. Work 3 - one I use for client #3 (client's company network)
8. The Pink Zone -- podcast one just set up on SBC (more to come about this soon)

So I was wrong. I only have eight emails to check every day. This is excessive. It's almost as bad with telephone numbers (two at home, cell phone, work phone at two different offices -- see email 6 and 7 above.)

How many email accounts do you have?


Gina said...

I have four e-mail accounts:

- my "main" (home) address
- work
- a Yahoo account used exclusively for online shopping and bills
- a Gmail account that I might start using as my main address at some point

Redneck Diva said...

I have 3:

My "normal" SBC one - It's just my name, nothing catchy. I give it to the kids' teachers, etc.

Yahoo - Because I'm hooked up with SBC/Yahoo. (Which is now ATT/Yahoo I guess) Fortunately they both come in through my "normal" one, so I don't have to check this one separately.

Gmail - Gmail rocks! It's my Redneck Diva account, the one I put on my blog, the one I give friends, etc.

Eight??? Good heavens....slow down, chica!

Anonymous said...

Okay, lets, hotmail, work,, cox, and school---so 6 for me. Hubby also has six. Just checking e-mail takes so much time!