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Sunday, April 23, 2006

I have muscles in my...

Three weeks ago, hubby and I decided we wanted to get very serious about getting back in shape. We've been walking for a while, but the weather (too hot, too cold) or something else got in the way a lot. So we joined the downtown YMCA because it's on the way home since we carpool to work together (a few blocks apart). No excuses. Our bags are in the car, so we exercise. It seems to be working.

But I've noticed our conversations are getting weirder and weirder:
"My ass hurts, and it's not from sitting all day..."
"I know what you mean, geez, I'd forgotten that was a muscle."

"How many crunches did you do today?"
"Do potato chips count?"

"Can you manually log in your cv?
"Yes, and don't forgot to log the mph and your intensity."


And so it goes...we're learning more than we ever wanted to know about muscles we've forgotten we had or haven't used in years. It feels good.

I didn't make my goal of running the Memorial Marathon this year, but it's still a goal for next year and next weekend, hubby and I are participating in the Marathon weekend. We're doing the 5 K 'Fun' Walk.

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