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Monday, June 20, 2005

The Tom and Katie show

Enough already. I was aghast (yes, aghast) Friday when news reports led with the fact that Tom Cruise had proposed to Katie Holmes. That's news?

It's free publicity. I mean, maybe they are in love and the age difference doesn't matter. But geez, do we need a play by play?

The cynic in me, says this is a convenient way for Tommy boy not to have another bust at the theatres. And Katie? Well, I'd never heard of Katie Holmes until this all started. I'm sure I'd seen her act somewhere, but really didn't know her name. Good career move, Katie. Now everyone who listens to any kind of news has heard your name.

But it goes on. With Matt, Ann, Al and Katie (Couric) spending much of the morning gushing and guessing about the wedding date. Serious journalists, my ass.

How about we begin taking odds on how long this marriage will last? Tom's third? My money's on one year -- tops.

1 comment:

Gina said...

I'm not going to put any money on this, but I'm betting that after the hoopla dies down, those two will split for "personal reasons."

(Great blog, by the way! I've been reading it. Mine is coming back very soon...)