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Thursday, June 30, 2005

Boxers or briefs

Evidently this blog has a split personality because just when I think it's time to load up on politics, other issues and thoughts get in the way.

Oh well, this is sort of politics. A comment on a news program this morning reminded me of a friend, Leticia Thompson, now known as Tisha Thompson, about boxers and briefs -- a comment that has become an American colloquialism.

Tisha (and I'm using her real name because she's been on every media outlet talking about this, so it's not a secret) was just 17 when she asked then President Clinton the famous question on MTV. You know the boxers or briefs one. Tisha's mom is Ann Thompson of NBC fame. And, though Tisha said that she was not prompted by anyone to ask the question, I have doubts that she's being truthful. After all, the infamous question landed her a series of interviews on the Today Show and other outlets. And, with her undergrad from Princeton, Tisha was finishing her master's degree in Journalism when Clinton was leaving office. Since she was job hunting, it didn't seem like a tour of interviews on the morning shows would hurt. I don't think it really helped either.

She's doing ok. Her second job landed her in Baltimore ( near Mommy and Daddy and that's always a plus. It's tough to be in the shadow of a successful mom, but hey kudos to Ann Thompson, she's 40+ and still on prime news.

I think it's rather funny to know someone who in an odd way is part of American culture. So though we weren't particularly close, I'll always think of Tisha when I hear someone ask, boxers or briefs.

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