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Monday, June 27, 2005

Speed blogging

Wow, it's been days. Days since I had a moment to sit and write. Sit and watch t.v. Sit and think, or even sit and eat.

It's the four-year-old. Boundless energy. Here are some more words of wisdom from said four-year-old:

"Farts just happen."
"I don't eat green stuff."
"Wrinkles are pretty." (my personal favorite)

It's also "the move." We're moving to a bigger house. Sounds easy. Nope. Said house has proven to be a major project. First it was the unknown hole in the backyard. How did we miss that? Then it was the supposedly fast job of painting. Selecting and finding the right shades, tints, finishes of paint took two days. Then the bubbles. What bubbles you ask? The "some fool painted over wallpaper bubbles." Not just one layer of wallpaper. That would have been too easy. THREE layers of wallpaper. In every room, but one.

And then we discovered the bugs. Yes, bugs. Roaches, nasty, crawly things who keep on multiplying even after two professional treatments.

So we will live among boxes for at least two more weeks, because I refuse to move in until the bugs move out. I like my small house more and more.

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