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Sunday, December 31, 2006


It's the last day of the year, and I'm doing my usual -- cleaning. (See Dec. '05 explanation for that.)

Ever the optimist, I always make resolutions. Let's see how I fared this year. Last year's resolutions were:

1. Get healthy, lose weight, etc. On the way. I've been sidetracked a bit lately, but we're hitting the gym, diet, etc. on Tuesday. Have hired a personal trainer.
2. Spend more time with friends and family Tried to visit everyone more often this year, thus putting a *&^%load of miles on my "new" car.
3. FINISH WRITING MY BOOKs (yes, plural) Close, but no cigar. I'm aiming to have No. 1 finished by my birthday in late February this year.
4. Get rich. Not so much.
5. Hire a maid After I clean house this morning, I'm going to go buy myself a nice outfit. Does that count?

This year's resolutions:

1. Finish the damn book
2. Quit being a chicken, and apply to jobs that I know I really want, so what if I don't have a chance in hell of getting it? It's worth applying. Even if I get turned down, at least I got turned down by the best.
3. Finish the t.v. pilot script
4. Take better care of my entire body: hair, skin, weight etc.
5. Move from OKC (see No. 2)

That's enough. There's more. But that's enough. Now, I've got to finish cleaning. We had a marvelous time at a party at a friend's home last night, going to another swanky party tonight at another friend's home, having a crowd over for brunch tomorrow morning. So the year is starting off with friends, fun, laughter etc.

Happy New Year to all. May your dreams come true.


V-Grrrl said...

Happy New Year Cissy! Best wishes in 2007

Sherrie said...

Happy New Year.

I've decided to keep the resolutions simple this year:

1) Go ice skating with hubby once a week at rink in town on our lunch hour (exercise, ya know)

2) Spend at least two hours a week in my office scrapbooking. I'm so far behind it isn't funny.

Gina said...

Happy 2007 to all!

My New Year's resolutions are all easy things that will make a difference over the long run. They're also things that I've been doing anyway.

1. Get half an hour of continuous exercise each day. Walking, yoga, belly dancing, cardio, whatever.

2. Rid my home of clutter. Get rid of at least one piece of clutter each day.

3. Bring a healthy, homemade dinner to work at least four times a week. (I've been doing this since August with my trusty Mr. Bento thermal lunch jar, with great success.)

Bubba said...

liked your blog come check mine out sometime. Us okies need to stick together. Good luck with your new years resolutions