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Sunday, December 17, 2006

Person of the Year

I always knew that one day I would be Time Magazine's Person of the Year.

I thought the honor would come after I received the Pulitzer or the Nobel Peace Prize. But no, this year. Congratulations to me.

And, congratulations to you, who share the honor with me.


Sherrie said...

You know, that's just one of the lamest cop-outs I've ever seen.

There were plenty of other good choices.

Honestly, I wish I could decline the offer. :)

CISSY said...

Exactly. They were too scared to choose the person who they were leaning to -- the president of Iran.

Our newspapers, our magazines, our "media" is losing its courage.

Gina said...

What I can't believe is how Person of the Year has become such a big deal. It's little more than a publicity stunt, and people take the bait every year. I heard two radio reports about it this morning, and it's all over the Web. My paper makes a point of not covering it, and I'm glad.

Sherrie said...

You know, when they pick someone worthwhile to discuss, it's a good hook for an end-of-year feature (says the magazine person).

But when it's a lame cop-out to avoid picking the person who would be best (as cissy noted), it's just a pathetic pr stunt.

No, it's not even that. It's a cop-out disguised as a pr stunt. Even worse.

Gina said...

Time hasn't picked anyone particularly incendiary since Ayatollah Khomenei got the nod in 1979.

Choosing Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, Kim Jong-il or even Hassan Nasrallah (the Hezbollah leader) this year would have been gutsy and very timely. And talk about selling magazines — I think many people would have bought Time just to find out why, and maybe they would have (gasp!) learned something about the world that doesn't come straight from cable-news jargon. Instead, Time is encouraging us to congratulate ourselves for spending even more time with electronic devices. Sheesh.

(Rant over.)