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Saturday, November 04, 2006

Second post of the day

OK, I've been up and blogging way too long this morning. I should be doing more constructive things like...oh, never mind.

M. -- 5-year-old grandson -- has a teacher who gives out the red, yellow and green lights every day based on students' behaviors. M. tends to get yellow or red on most days. He does earn those green lights too, though. Lately, he's been coming home with more green lights. I think I might have mentioned that he had been "trading" his yellow and red lights on the bus after convincing some of the not-as-smart but better behaved kiddos that those were more desirable. Well, apparently he's got quite a little scam going, teaching the other kids how to do the same, or change the color of their lights with a marker. Teacher overheard he and his friend, D, making some plans. D gets green light, shows mom. D, who lives down the street from M., comes over, gives M, green light, takes red or yellow light. Both moms and dads see "green" light. In this case, neither had a green light, so the plan was to change the color of the light to green. Teach called mom BEFORE M. got home, so the parents were on to the ruse.

Sigh. Teacher doesn't get as mad at M. as she should because he's so bright. He's way ahead of all the other kids in class, and she absolutely loves teaching him. But behavior can be a challenge. He gets frustrated at kids, and "hits" or pushes. Yes, we're dealing with that -- anger management etc.

M.'s been "grounded." D. can't come over to play for a while. Wouldn't it be nice if all kids came with instructions?


Melessa said...

M. and my son would be good friends and dangerous allies. He's been getting more green lights these days too and, according to his teacher, it's all on the up and up. (I wouldn't put trading past my son, so I checked with her personally.)

Sherrie said...

I can totally see my son doing this.

God help me.

The little monsters are smart, aren't they?

Anonymous said...

Um, he totally pulled a fast one on mom. If it wasn't for dad being home and witnessing the secretive talking, they would have totally pulled a fast one over on me.

I just can't believe my sweet little innocent boy did that. HA!