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Thursday, November 09, 2006


1. Ed Bradley -- you'll be missed. An excerpt from Ron Allen (NBC news):

"He was a real, genuine, authentic guy who even had the audacity, or self-assuredness, to wear an earring on TV on CBS News. You've got to be sure of who you are to do that. That's probably one reason he was such a great reporter. It's easy to imagine him in the streets of Philadelphia years ago, or at Cheney State College, a proud historically black college, not Harvard or Yale, or spinning records at WDAS FM. Years later he had a distinctive ease and confidence about him, whether interviewing criminals, comedians, politicians or just plain folks.

His contributions to broadcast journalism and to our nation's knowledge of the world we live in are immense. His contributions to our culture, and to the hopes and dreams of other journalists of color, are beyond the words and stories he told with such elegance, compassion and grace."

2. Rumsfeld -- I'm not so sure you will be missed. While, I don't agree with your politics, your policies and your decisions. But I think that there's still much to say -- or maybe just thank you -- for the years of public service you've given this country. Many people might say, you don't deserve that. I believe you do.

3. The GOP -- From the leader of the Kansas Republican party to the handfuls of elected officials and now those who lost who are switching to the other party, the GOP is losing people fast. Maybe like you told the Democrats two years ago, "It's time to get back in touch with Americans."

4. Tracy Rafter, recently fired publisher of the LA Times for sticking up for employees and refusing to cut jobs to save money. It takes courage to be a journalist, and you showed exemplary courage. We'll see more of you, I'm sure.

5. HELEN DEWAR, 70, a dogged reporter who covered the Senate for The Washington Post for a quarter century, Nov. 4 of breast cancer.

Dewar worked for the newspaper for more than 40 years, starting as an editorial aide. She reported on Congress from 1979 to 2004, and her last story appeared on Jan. 20, 2005.

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Melessa said...

I was quite surprised to discover I feel the same way about Rumsfeld that you do. You're a brave woman to post it on the internet, though.