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Sunday, November 12, 2006

Anonymous blogging

One of the things I often forget about blogging is that anyone out there can read what I write. It took me a moment when an email popped up in my email inbox to realize what this person was referring to.

Someone from Kansas -- my guess is they could possibly be a Jayhawk -- decided to chastise me for a comment I made on my May 30, 2006 blog post.

I guess I'm glad that people read what I write. I just didn't know they had the internet in Sedan.

That by the way, is in no way what I really think. My husband's family is from a little bitty town in southwestern Kansas.

I just think the comment was funnier than anything I'd ever read, because it's so far from the truth.

So what's the weirdest comment anonymous people have left on your blogs?


Melessa said...

Back in February, I wrote a pretty raw account of my teenage years and what ultimately led to me joining my church. A more disenchanted ex-member of my church wrote a few dissertations against the church in my comments section. In the end, I couldn't bear to delete them because he had clearly worked hard on what he wrote. Also, he bore me no ill-will he had just been very hurt by the same faith that had rescued me from my hurt. Still, those were some LONG comments to wade through. (And now I've left you one-but his was still much longer.)

CISSY said...

Hi Melessa:

I didn't erase it. I did respond and correct the person, but won't erase a comment unless someone gets downright abusive. How's the agency?