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Sunday, February 26, 2006

Seattle and Washington

OK - I obviously spent too much time in my sick bed today because now it's 1 a.m. and I'm up. Catching up on some reading (blogs).

We just got back from our trip to Washington. Seattle was beautiful. The whole state was, really. The snow in the mountains was wonderful, Rainier and the coastline breathtaking.

The people I didn't like so much. I guess I've gotten used to friendly, smiling Oklahomans. We went to Pike's Market (of course) and I people watched. Mostly white people. All looked like they were trying desperately to be "cool" and maybe they are since they are emulated by other communities around the U.S.

But it seemed to me that they looked unhappy. After people watching for a while, I categorized Seattle-ites into 1. White people who dress all in black or grey and act sophisticated and cool and drink lots of coffee 2. White people who dress in hippish or grunge outfits, look as if they haven't bathed in a while and drink coffee 3. Asians who dress in hip outfits, look artsy and drink coffee.

Yes, coffee seems to be the connection. But really, here we were in this naturally beautiful setting and these hip cool people all walked around with frowns or scowls. I spotted a little baby in his stroller at the market and what struck me the most about him is that he looked pissed off too.

I was amazed at the wine industry in Washington. Because our son lives on the eastern side of the state, we got to drive through and get a sampling of the different regions (and wines.) It's an impressive state. Of course, hubby was taken by all the outdoor nature stuff like fishing he could do there. Allergies killed me as soon as we got off the plane and I lived on antihistamines the whole time, well until the flu hit. I blame the allergies for weakening my immune system. This is the sickest I've been in a long time. So the outdoors stuff sounds like fun, but not for me so much.

The granddaughters were beautiful and it only took them about 20 minutes to get used to us again. Of course "papa" is still the favorite. That's ok. He's a good papa. We had a wonderful time, and I'm just sorry it took us so long to get there. We're already planning a trip back later this year.

Washington is a state at odds with itself. They have the hip Seattle image, and then there's the outdoorsy "mother earth" image. Nothing impresses this on visitors more than the fruit stands with their bounty of apples and cherries. And expresso. Yep. Right below the fruit sign there was always an expresso sign. Expresso.


DebbieDoesLife said...

Too outdoorsy for me and too rainy. And I was born in Pendleton, Oregon so you would think there would be a connection.

Crazy MomCat said...

I liked Seattle when we visited, but noticed the same thing about the people. We took a dinner train ride to a winery there though and it was wonderful! It's so beautiful there too...with all the greenery from the rain.

I think I'd get sick of the rain though. I'd like to visit again, but probably wouldn't pick to live there. Of course, I probably would pick where I currently live either for that matter!

Brian said...

I actually really enjoyed the three years I spent living in Washington. If you can deal with the rain and gray skies, the state has a lot to offer. I loved trips to the mountains and beaches, and really enjoyed Seattle.

I did find out one thing. You thought hippies were gone? Nope. They are all in Washington.

Anonymous said...

As a hippie from washington, I can say outsiders never really get it. But that's okay, if they did, they'd all want to move here. Anyway, I hope most of the signs said "espresso."

CISSY said...

I was actually looking forward to rain since it does not seem to want to rain in Oklahoma - ever.

Anon -- You are right. We -- from the rest of the country will never be cool enough to "get it." Hey, sick people shouldn't be expected to spell correctly. Though I think one or two of the stands might have said eXpresso. Quick coffee -- just like fast food.
All in all, Washington is a beautiful state. I'm having to subdue hubby who is now busily applying for jobs there. I don't think the cool people are ready for me.