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Saturday, February 18, 2006


First things first...23 hours and counting!

One more show tonight. I'm exhausted and should be sleeping right now, but I've never been able to "sleep in." 7:30 is about it for me. Hubby will probably sleep until noon, and I'll let him.

Me, I'm gonna blog for a while and then pack.

I've had the absolute best time this week sharing a dressing room with a group of wonderfully, crazy, terrific gals.

Maybe it's because we've all been in states of semi-nakedness and semi-drunkeness together this week, but it's absolutely great to have this group of very different women that have formed a bond. And I think we'll all still be girlfriends after this is over tonight. (C & S -- you always were my "girly friends")

Anyway, heed this warning. I'm gonna sign us all up for a special belly dancing class sometime in March. Hey, if a 78-year-old can tap dance -- we can belly dance. Do you think they'll let us do that next year in Gridiron?

By the way -- how about that Gov. Brad Henry? Who would've thought he could sing?
Karoke, here we come...

1 comment:

DebbieDoesLife said...

Cute picture! Looks like you WERE having fun.

Your blog always makes me homesick...