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Monday, August 29, 2005

Hurricanes and what we own

Television news often brings us images that are hard to comprehend. For hours, news channels focused on the thousands of people piling into the football stadium in New Orleans. Some carried plastic bags stuffed with their personal belongings, others just backpacks.

Fortunately, the storm veered off just a little -- maybe enough to save some of the homes of the people in that stadium. But these folks left their houses yesterday, knowing they might not have a home to return to. That's mind boggling.

Makes you stop and wonder, what would you take with you? What do you own that's so precious you couldn't bear leaving it behind?

I made a list and realized, I would need a U-haul not a plastic trash bag. Does that mean I'm too attached to my material possesions? Sure it does.

Makes you stop to think though. Why we carry all this stuff with us where ever we go, and think we couldn't live without it. But we could, every bit of it. OK, well maybe not the Gucci purse...

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