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Sunday, August 07, 2005

Good God is it Sunday?

Another Sunday. Another opportunity missed to go to church. Not on purpose, mind you. Mum-in-law had emergency heart surgery Saturday, so we rushed to her bedside in another state. She's doing fine. A real trooper at 81.

But that brings me back to the topic of going to church. When I was younger -- much younger -- growing up younger -- I attended church on a regular basis. Some might even say I attended church on a obsessive basis. Blame my parents. We were Southern Baptist in Texas. Not your "backsliden Baptists" or "Easter and Christmas Baptists," but real bible-thumping born-again, "you're going to hell if you dance" Baptists. Let me tell you, Jewish and Catholic mothers don't even begin to know how to dole out the guilt like Baptist mothers.

Again, I digress. I was at church at least three times a week, often more if you count youth group meetings and choir practice. I was going to be a missionary and save the world for Jesus.

Today, I'm neither a regular church goer nor a Baptist. That faith and I parted paths a long time ago. Seems I have a problem with the subservient wife thing. But come Sunday morning, I do feel the need to be in church. Methodist, now. More forgiving than the Baptists and a good compromise between my husband's Lutheran faith and my Baptist upbringing.

Lately, I've been feeling a spiritual void. What am I doing with my life? I am contributing in some way to make life better for others? And, the biggie -- how can I do that? No one is sending me a telegram with the answers. Thus, I've decided to become a regular church goer again. Faith has never failed me, so maybe this time through faith and prayer I can find the answers to what I'm searching for. If nothing else, they still have great potlucks...just kidding.


Matt Wisner said...

Hey the potlucks don't hurt! lol

Redneck Diva said...

Your description of your Baptist youth made me grin because that is exactly how I'd describe my upbringning. We were Baptists, dyed in the wool, down to the core of our souls, and don't you forget it.

Now I have pretty much abandoned all things Baptist. Too much hypocrisy and judgement for my taste. I'll leave the judging to God, not the congregation, thankyouvermuch.

We haven't attended church on any kind of regular basis in over a year and I miss it. Not the Baptist church we left on bad terms, but the fellowship of a church going right, the worship, the praise and when you said you were feeling a spiritual void I nearly stood right up and said, "AMEN, sister!" I know that feeling.

We've had several people suggest the Methodist church. They say a lot of disgruntled Baptists wander over that way. :)