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Saturday, August 27, 2005

Friends and Family

You know the saying -- the one that says you can pick your friends, but not your family. I don't remember it exactly, but that's ok. It's the sentiment that counts right? Yes, it's one of those days where life is one corny saying after another.

I've always kept my immediate family close -- that being my children and grandchildren. We talk to our children every day though we all live far apart. My parents had 10 children, and most of us don't talk to one another thanks to my mother -- but that's an entirely different entry altogether.

We've been blessed though with wonderful friends -- far and near. Some are old military friends who became our family when we lived in a foreign country. We shared holidays, vacations and special times and still are family. Others are much younger than my husband and I. Friends we made in college when we returned as "adults." These are wonderful young people that I've enjoyed watching blossom into their careers and family through the years. Family too. The Mafia.

We've made wonderful new friends in Oklahoma. We had a group over for a great birthday celebration last week in our new home (a friend's birthday.) Then today, a large group of the extended "friends family" went over to someone's house to help pack, clean and move. All was done without judgment about how many dust bunnies were under the bed or gunk under the fridge. It was a fun day. And that was needed after the exhausting week we've had waiting to hear the results of the many tests our son was subjected to this past week.

Thank God for family. Thank God for friends.


Redneck Diva said...

You say you can't pick your family made me think of what I got my sister for Mother's Day this year - a framed print that said

"I smile because you are my sister.
I laugh because there is nothing you can do about it."

What would we do without our friends, though? My gosh, my life would be boring and droll and would have very little meaning. I am also so blessed that a vast part of my family is also considered friends. My sister and my mother are my two dearest friends. They're also the friends that I can be the most honest with.

Great post.

CISSY said...

I'd be lost without friends. The one sister I'm closest to lives in Arizona, I miss her terribly. But am definitely glad that I have such great friends -- and yes, a very diverse group -- to keep me company.

Lucky you. There's too many of us out there who can't count their mother as one of their friends.

Thanks for your comment.