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Sunday, August 21, 2005

Cancer sucks

Whoa Nellie! Where the heck did August go? I didn't realize it had been so long since my last post. The past two weeks have been a blur of work, more wallpapering scraping, more painting and illness.

Good health is something we take for granted. In the past month, my dad has had two surgeries. My mother one, with another scheduled next week. My mum-in-law had emergency heart surgery two weekends ago. My daughter had surgery this past week. Whew. They'll all recover and things will go back to normal.

Now our son is sick. Very sick. The doctors believe he has colon cancer. He was scheduled to go into the hospital this week. He said "no, I'll go next week." This week he went with his wife and two little girls to Seattle. They'll enjoy a mini vacation, and a pre-season game to watched his beloved Dallas Cowboys play the Seattle Seahawks.

That's so like him. He believes strongly that life should be a vacation. I had the pleasure working with him last year. He worked hard, and quickly gained the respect of those around him -- made me proud. But he always was smiling and telling jokes and making life a little more bearable. Even now, he's the one telling everyone that it's going to be ok. And telling jokes.

We're scared. Jokes aside, we can tell that he is too. I'll likely be flying out to Washington in the next couple of weeks. When this is over, and he's healthy again -- we won't ever take good health for granted again.


Gina said...

Oh, my. I'm sorry to hear that. My thoughts and prayers are with you.


CISSY said...

Thanks G. Good news yesterday. B doesn't have colon cancer. Not out of the woods yet, though. The doctors performed surgery took a bit of everything for biopsies (liver etc.) So now we wait until next week. They found lots of bleeding ulcers...we can only hope that's all.