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Monday, September 17, 2007

Mormons and such

I've been thinking about Mormons -- members of the Latter Day Saints denomination -- lately. Probably because I'm spending a lot of time at campaign events lately and Mitt Romney actually visits Florida - a lot.

But I digress...which reminds me I have great admiration for folks like Melessa from the blog by that name, and my long-time friends Kimberly and Tim. Wonderful people. Most Mormons fall into that category of wonderful, NICE people.

None of the them is of the "Big Love" ilk.

Yet, all these nice Mormon folk are seen as outsiders by those in the "mainstream" religions. You know those who believe that you must believe in Jesus as your personal Lord and Savior. My friends tell me that Mormons do indeed believe in Jesus. They believe he was a prophet.

That alone has prompted many of sermon from the pulpits of good Christian churches. I remember once, in Canyon, Texas, at a METHODIST church where the preacher went on and on about all the Mormons going to hell. My daughter, who had friends at school who were Mormon, asked me, "does that mean going to hell?"

I fail to believe so. Yet, that belief sometimes goes against the grain of everything we are taught in Sunday School. You MUST be born again. You MUST believe in Jesus as Lord. Or you are going to hell.

Again, I fail to believe that nice, good people are going to hell. While the likes of some " born again" preacher who hates Mexicans, Asians, Blacks, gays, and anyone who didn't make enough money or come from the right family goes to heaven (any resemblance to any living person is merely a coincidence, I was just using that imaginary preacher as an example.)

So because I refuse to believe that someone will go to hell just for being a Mormon, does that mean I'm going to hell too?


David Glick said...

You may need to get some more knowledgeable friends. Mormons belief in Jesus as their Prophet, Priest and King. So Prophet yes, but much more as well. As a lifelong member of the LDS faith for almost 40 years I can attest that we have always preached that Jesus Christ is the Son of God, the Messiah, the Holy One of Israel and yes, our personal Savior as well as the Savior of all mankind (whether they know it or not).
However, we do not believe that all people who do not belief such are automatically condemned to hell. Of course the theological explanations on this point could take up several nice long articles.
Given how easy it is to misunderstand the religious beliefs and practices of other faiths, the real point should be that we should be choosing our leaders on what they stand for rather than on their particular religious tradition.

Melessa said...

I'm glad you don't think I'm going to hell. ;>) Miss you!

CISSY said...

David: Thanks for the comment. In defense of my friends, they are well educated and faithful LDS. I might have misunderstood. But I'm still learning. But my point to all, is that I'm not so sure that hell is a place where everyone who doesn't believe a certain way will end up -- I fail to believe that good people, be they Muslim, Mormon, or even Baptist will go to hell.

M -- Never thought so. Even when before I became a "recovering Baptist."

Kelly said...

And this is why I've stopped going to church. I just don't buy it that everybody else, which is the majority of the world is going to hell. Hell would be a really crowded place! But saying this probably confirms my place there!lol