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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

If mothers ruled the world

Sally Field made a good point -- well as much as she was able -- about if mothers ruled the world. If mothers ruled the world there probably WOULD be no war. Mothers don't want to send their babies off to die. At least most mothers don't.

What else would be different if mothers ruled the world?

No more dirty underwear on the floor.
Everyone would eat dinner together.
PTA meetings wouldn't start at 5 p.m.
Child molesters would be shot after the first offense, none of this register offender crap. (hey, a tigress does protect her cubs)
We would all have shorter work days and longer family time.
Our children would leave home, but live nearby

That's just for finish the thought, "If mothers ruled the world...?"


Redneck Diva said...

"...fathers would do more laundry."

Sherrie said...

flexible time at work and working from home by telecommute wouldn't be such an alien concept to most corporations.

Sondra said...

...we would have the men clean the bathrooms