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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Just a closer walk

As I sat and listened to tonight's sermon and thought about the next 40 days, I felt a little stronger in my faith.

It's no secret that I grew up Southern Baptist. My husband and I settled on the Methodist church a long time ago as a matter of meeting in the middle -- he was raised a Lutheran.

But over the years, I've worked to understand and embrace the theology and teachings of my elected religion.

Overall, I don't think I identify myself as a "Methodist" - despite the tarnished image that some folks create of Christianity by their very un-Chritianlike behavior (a certain Kansas church comes to mind), I still consider myself first and foremost a Christian.

My goal this Lenten is simply to walk a little closer to my faith and let others see not ashes on my forehead but simply by obsserving my behavior that I am a Christian.

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