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Sunday, July 26, 2009


Every Sunday morning growing up, I would be in church. The Southern Baptist preacher would have a scary fire and brimstone message, but the hymns were always more gentle -- well all but that "washed in the blood" one -- a visual concept a little too real for most kids.

I've always found a great comfort in hymns. And, anytime we move and we have to find a new church home, I always listen to its music.

A lackluster performance by the congregation who mumbles instead of sings, usually indicates a church in need of spiritual renewal. That's not a fact -- just my opinion.

Whether at home or in church, I always feel closer to God, when I've sung a few hymns praising His glory. Hymns that remind me of those long ago Sundays. I guess it's just my concept of "worship."

So regardless of what your faith is -- sing on my brothers and sisters. Sing on.

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