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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Sharks and Sunsets

Nothing is more relaxing than enjoying a beautiful Florida sunset.

My husband was also fishing fromt the beach -- one of his favorite things to do aside from drinking wine or beer while he watches the sunset. He was excited when he felt a bite and was struggling to get the fish on to the shore. It must be a big one!

It wasn't until the fish jumped as he reeled it in that he saw the reason behind the exhilarating fun in pulling it in. He had landed a black tip shark. Small - a baby- about 18 inches long. Long enough and strong enough that we had a hard time getting it off the hook. Even small sharks bite.

We finally got it off and carefully put it back in the water.

No one wanted to wade into the water after that, so we finished off the evening by sitting in the beach chairs and drinking our beer.

Fun, yes. Relaxing...not so much.

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