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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Be all that you can be...

I'm sitting in my car, behind a long line of other cars waiting my turn to pay the toll and whoosh...speedy fellow flies by under the SunPass sign. Wow, I've always wanted to be one of those people who have a Sun Pass (insert any other toll pass name here). But I don't use the toll roads enough to warrant the hassle.

Maybe it doesn't matter. Don't you ever just want to do things, well just because you always wanted to try it.

Things ilke being the people dressed in glitz and black for a swanky night out who show up and use the valet at a restaurant or event?

I've always wanted to be person who leaves the comfort of home behind and lives in a Europe just for the experience.

How about being the adventurous type and taking up scuba diving or skydiving?

Sometimes all it takes is a little courage.

Not too long ago, I convinced my hubby to get dressed up in his suit and I donned a beautiful dress that I had snatched off the clearance rack at a very expensive store. We looked fabulous. We went to one of the most expensive restaurants around, fell in line in our dusty PT Cruiser behind the Mercedes and BMWs and handed the valet our keys -- "never mind that book bag, just move it aside. Sorry about the sticky stuff on the gear shift -- it's just gummy bears."

We sipped our water and read the menu -- then we ordered appetizers and a glass of wine each. It was fun and delicious. We sat on the patio and watched the moon rising over the gulf, listening to the conversations around us. We laughed and had a great time.

I often hear people say, "oh, I've heard that's a great restaurant, but it's way to expensive." Don't let it be. You don't break the bank and feel guilty afterward. Have an appetizer; or coffee and desert if you don't want to carelessly blow a huge amount of money on one dinner.

Use, the good china. Dance under the stars in your back yard. Take risks. That's my motto this week.

I've been letting stress paralyze me for a couple of weeks, but the past few days I began to remember that you can only let it paralyze you -- it doesn't happen on its own.

So, now, we're seriously plotting a possible jaunt for three months to "live and work" in Europe later this year -- hey, what better time than when you don't have jobs to tie you down?!

And, I'm buying that Sun Pass today.

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