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Friday, August 10, 2007


I survived my first week back in the workforce. I did fairly well, considering that I had to get accustomed to wearing shoes again. They have this silly rule against flip flops.
And, I did something that I haven't done in more than two months -- drive. Most people don't know that I simply HATE driving. If I ever win the lottery, to heck with the maid: I'm hiring a driver.
Since I wasn't working and hubby's been hanging out with me a lot too, I simply became a passenger.
This week I got a crash course in Florida driving. Drivers here -- other than a few of us law-abiding (well mostly) regular drivers fit into several categories: Lost Tourist, Super fast SUV or German-car driving ASS, leisurely driving Beach junkies who can't see out their rear-view mirror for the boards or kids or both, and Old Farts.
Now, ya'll know that I'm in the membership recruitment list for AARP already, but I'm talking really old -- you know the kind who forget which is the brake versus the gas pedal. They come at you from everywhere as you are driving down the road. Watch out in parking lots -- it's probably like dodging bullets at the OK Corral.
And, it's not even winter yet.


Gina said...

Watch out for the land yachts!!

Scott said...

Just wait for "season" to begin, when all of the snowbirds (refugees from the Midwest, Northeast and eastern Canada) descend on your fair state. Traffic will get worse, muchworse.

CISSY said...

I've been warned about the season. We're bracing for it!