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Friday, June 08, 2007


We're here. Florida. First impression: For a laid-back beach community, things sure move fast, cars, people...

I'm feeling a little like a fish out of water (pun intended) but give me a few weeks and I'm sure I'll feel like a native.

We ventured out to the beach today. It was hot. Despite the 55 + sun proof block we put on, we managed to get a little tan. It's really cool to walk across the street to the beach, or half block the other way to the fishing dock. We saw dophins swimming near the dock yesterday.

I saw the "bikini" in a whole new light today. Those of us in the middle of the country anguish over the perfect swimsuit and how we'll look in it. Here, the bikini is the suit of choice (not me -- let me stress - not me.) The two piece 1/4 yard of fabric is worn here by every size and shape. Ladies with more mid-section than ass wear them. A 70+ man was wearing a thong one today. At least he looked like a man, except for the full bikini top. Really, nice rack. He had long hair and was bald.

So, as I said, the bikini is a whole new experience in Florida.

No one blinks an eye or looks twice on our beach -- Treasure Island beach -- which usually draws the regular time share crowd and locals. Summer people. It will be a different experience this winter.

Because we live on Treasure Island, all references to pirates are constant. We're planning on watching the third pirate movie tonight at the local theater and then tomorrow, the local "pirate" festival will lure us to John's Pass where we'll watch a pirate invasion and go on a treasure hunt.

Then, we'll go down to Paradise Island and don parrot hats for a Jimmy Buffett concert. Yeah, we're still in "vacation" mode. Work starts next week, so I'll decide then whether I'm going to like "living" in Florida.

I'll post some pics tomorrow!


V-Grrrl said...

Good luck in your new ventures and adventures!

Sherrie said...

Awesome! Glad to hear you are settling in well. Hope that the thongs stay off the beach, though.

Redneck. Diva. said...

I don't care if I lived in Florida or not, no way could/would I wear a bikini. I'd be afraid I'd lose it...

So glad you're having some fun before you have to settle in with the daily grind.

Do keep us posted!

Gina said...

Wait until "the season." You're in for more bikinis and thongs on the beach. After 28 years (!) of going to Florida to visit my grandparents and my parents, I've learned to brace for 'em. But it's always a bit of a shock on the first go-round.

My mom and I have great fun muttering, "Someone should tell her (or him)..."

There's also the Trophy Wife Watch... ;)

CISSY said...

I'll never wear a bikini here. Left those behind about age 21. Yes, I've been warned to brace for "the season."

Gina said...

Oh, you'll have a blast. Being a "local" has its privileges.

Love the photos!