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Monday, May 21, 2007

Ten things I’ll miss about Oklahoma

10. Oklahoma City Festival of the Arts
9. Oklahoma City and Tulsa Museums
8. Press club in Tulsa
7. Out of the way wineries
6. Real estate prices
5. Great bbq – Earl’s, Urban Iron Starr, Van’s Pig Stand
4. Bricktown
3. Very little traffic congestion
2. OKC Gridiron

And, the thing I'll miss the most:

1. The people. I’m from Texas, and I’ll still say that bar none, Okies are the best. You can always count on someone coming to your aid if you break down, need a hand or need a friend.


Sondra said...

I know you are sad about moving...but look at the good things too. You will be by the beach, by the girls and you know we will soon follow! :)

Check out my blog
I put new pics up of Mason's Fun Run. Friday is his last day of school...he will be a first grader, wow. Before I know it he will be graduating from High School, yikes!!!!

Love you!

Rena said...

Sorry to lose you! Glad you enjoyed your time here. I'm a transplant myself, who's slowing coming around to Okie charm. Come back soon as you can.