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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Silver linings and blessings

Don't look. What do you have in your purse? What do you have in your wallet? I've been trying to reconstruct everything that was in my bag.

Glasses, prescription sunglasses, my favorite lipstick, my headphones, my digital recorder, a mic, photos of my grandkids, my cell phone, a multitude of cards - bank, credit, insurance, voter i.d. social security, discount cards to my favorite shopping places -- my life in a bag.

We've been frustratingly dealing with everything this morning. Fortunately most of the banks and credit cards are used to this happening so they have safeguards in place.

But I'm still going around getting cards cancelled, reissued, etc.

After talking to the Y this morning and being treated as IF we had done something wrong and were bothering them, we plan to cancel our membership and go to another
facility. Maybe it won't be any safer, but we expect to be taken seriously and treated with respect.

To the police this is just another run of the mill theft. They'll never solve the crime, they don't expect to -- is it any wonder that thieves find it so easy to steal?

But things are getting better today. We found out that we HAD purchased an extended warranty that will cover most of the car repairs. Inconveniences aside, our banks and credit card companies have taken lengths to make sure we get things straightened out today.

First thing this a.m. I went to get a driver's license. Small step. Made me feel better.

This has already been a long week. Monday, I opened an email from someone (I thought) I knew. Bam. My computer at my office on campus was infected with a worm virus. No computer now until next week. On the plus side, I get to work from home. See, I'm looking for the silver lining near this cloud of "mean people" that has been hovering over me.

And, so today I'll quietly count my blessings. This is just a bump, my life is still my life and all will be well. Thanks all of you for your thoughts, comments and calls. I count all of you among my blessings.


Redneck Diva said...

Aye carumba!! A few years ago the most valuable thing a thief would have gotten out of my purse would have been a diaper or a pacifier. Now I have a (really expensive) cell phone, sometimes my PDA, we hardly pay for anything with the checking acct anymore so I carry cash all the

Your attitude is super, hon. I'd still be pisssssed and cranky! Want me to send down some chocolate? I have plenty!

Gina said...

I'm glad things are going better today. Definitely dump the Y. Write a letter while you're at it, and cc it to the national office. The Y needs to know why it's losing your business, and it needs to know that it risks losing other people's business as well.

It sounds like you're handling things well, considering. Hang in there...