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Saturday, August 19, 2006

Goodbye Monkey Room

I mean to blog every day, really I do. Here's what's happening or on my mind this week:

I'm sitting in the midst of a chaotic mixture of office space and "monkey room" right now. The monkey room was a guest bedroom set up specifically for the grandchildren, even though they usually only visit once a year. And M thought of it as his room. But it now officially has to become my office.

My daughter, who's returning to school and whose husband is off doing the military thing, has moved back in. So she gets the other room. So I'm reluctantly taking down the jungle posters and the mirrow with the giraffe.

It's being transformed into my office (our office, in case hubby is reading:) today. My sports photos and baseball pennants will go up, so it should meet with some approval from M when he comes to visit and has to sleep on the Futon that's replacing his bed. I'm debating keeping the monkey light switch, but that will probably go too. I won't throw it all away. I'll put it all in a box with hopes that our next house will have enough extra rooms for a monkey room.
Fleas -- keep infesting my cat. We've discovered some are now in the house. We suspect the stray cats that dang lady next door feeds are the culprit. The stupid stray cats hang out in our yard, and our yard now has fleas. So we're off to Lowe's -- did I mention there's a new Lowe's within two blocks of our house? My husband is in heaven. I'm buying stock. -- to buy some flea killing bad for the environment chemicals. And the bug man will be back at my house next week. We now consider ourselves investors in his small company.

Babies -- this is a baby year it seems. Our daughter-in-law, R, is having a baby in December (No. 3 - another girl); my sister is having her first baby at age 36 in September; and now our friends have learned that they will get a baby in September. The shower is today, and they leave Monday for another state to await the baby's birth. Law requires them to be there for a week after also. I was a little saddened when I learned the birth mother was a married woman with a husband and other children. They decided they couldn't afford another baby. That was sad. But then I look at the joy of our friends at having this baby, and I realize that this is a tremendously wonderful unselfish thing the birth parents are doing. This baby will be sheltered with love from them and all members of a family who are eagerly ready to welcome her home.

Job -- There was an article on Yahoo news this week that was a checklist -- five questions to help you decide whether to stay at or leave your current job. I knew the answer already. So I'm job hunting still, and I'm feeling guilty. My boss gave me an unexpected bonus this week.

Working out -- Man, it's hard to get back in the groove after vacation. Our diet has been hit or miss this week, and we've only worked out twice. Hopefully, we'll be back into our routine next week.

Clubs -- I take (actively) part in two organizations. One, that I've been a member of for four years, I'd like to be more active in, but can't seem to get appointed to any of the jobs (offices) I tell people I'm interested in. The second has dumped so much on me in a short time that I'm having to tell them I actually do have a paying job that I have to do during the day. We'll see how long I stay in that one.


Sherrie said...

Sorry to see the monkey room go. The main reason the upstairs playroom is still a playroom is because I can't bear to make it not a playroom. And we don't need the space, yet.

(all the kids' toys live in the main family room, so the playroom was a nice thought, but not reality.)

I'm happy for your friends, but how heart-wrenching for the other family. I wonder how they are explaining everything to their other children. Is it an open or closed adoption?

Wow. My heart hurts just thinking about giving away one of my kids. I joke about it, but I couldn't do it. Ever.

Gina said...

My dad was adopted. I can't begin to imagine how hard it was for his birth parents to give him up at 2 weeks old in November 1946. We'll never know why they did it, and we'll never know who they were; records just didn't cover those details back then. Dad doesn't want to know, anyway. But I'm glad that his birth parents, whoever they were, made the decision. And I'm glad my dad's adoptive parents chose to call him their son.

C., your friends are to be commended. So are the birth parents. The decisions on both sides ultimately came from love, as they did for my dad's two sets of parents. Someday, I hope your friends' child will know how much love helped guide him or her into the world.