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Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Holy Cow - The Mooove

We are now officially moved. That's been my whole world -- that and aforementioned four-year-old who's now gone home. Yes, I miss him.

A list of gripes:

Utility companies: When I say I'm moving on a certain date, that means I need service that whole day. No, don't cut my water off in the morning in the middle of my shower. Nothing like rinsing soap out with expensive bottled water...

Phone company: Did you hear the static when I called you? No, I wasn't on my cell phone that was on my phone line. I don't want to hear the tech you sent out tell me that there's no static. I hear it, so do the people who call me. And, I want my DSL the day you tell me it's going to be on, not a week later, thank you.

Bugs: All must die. Don't give me this crap about what they do for the environment. All must die.

List of raves:

Friends: Great friends -- really great friends -- are those who lend their time, their truck, their energy to helping move the tons of useless crap that we insist we need though we probably could get rid of at least 70 percent of.

Four-year-olds: Keep us young, on our toes and help us remember the "cool things" we forgot were fun like running through the sprinkler.

Take out: What did people do when they had to cook all the time?

My car: A thousand trips and bumps and bruises later, and it's wonderful ac still works.

Did I mention friends. Thanks all who helped with the move. Wanna help unpack?

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Anonymous said...

Hi, Cissy:
In April I moved back to Oklahoma after almost 50 years in California, and I'm still trying to shake those seriously depressin' low-down, mind messin' movin' cross-country blues.

I thought it might take an act of Congress just to get my cell phone number changed so my Oklahoma rellies wouldn't have to call long distance.

I'm enjoying your blog. The post about Oklahoma's severe weather had me laughing out loud. I admit, though, lightning and thunder scare the bejabbers out of me.